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Swiss Army knife
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  • Also used by
    The Swiss Armed Forces
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Sheila Lam

Sheila Lam is a writer and photographer. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, she now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Knives have always been fascinating to me. It’s a beautiful and functional tool. In some cases, it’s crafted so well that it’s more a work of art than an instrument. One year, sometime ago, I came across the Wenger EvoWood in a general store and I was immediately enamoured with it. It’s small, tactile, handsome, and practical.

I use it on a weekly, if not daily basis, for everything from small home repairs around my apartment to manicuring my nails. I also can’t count the amount of times I’ve been out and, for some reason, someone needs a knife. Which usually leads to the question:  “Do you always have a knife on you?” 

I make sure to keep my knife clean. Being in bags or pockets it catches a lot of lint. I condition the wooden handle every few months with an oil as well. The natural walnut handle is a beautiful evolution from the traditional red plastic or aluminium. Though, the way it feels is a beautiful thing too. It sounds ridiculous but I just like having it in my hand.

Dependability is the first word that springs to my mind when I think about why it’s important to have good things that last forever. I want to invest in something that I can rely on to work when I need it to.

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