004 Jens H. Jensen's
Stanley 9 ½ block plane
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Jens H. Jensen

Jens H. Jensen in the Japan Editor for Wallpaper* Magazine. He lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

As many of my other tools I got this block plane from my father who used to teach woodwork at a primary school in Denmark. He can never resist an offer to buy old, good tools, and he has a rather extensive collection in his workshop back home.

I use the block plane for a quick planing of rough stock for instance when making small chopping boards or the like. The plane fits smugly in one hand and is super easy to adjust and clean. The construction of how the blade is attached and adjustable is really thought through, and the small rounded recesses in the sides makes for a perfect grip. Japanese friends who are into woodworking like me love the heavy and sturdy feel of the plane. It’s a great little tool to use and it leaves a smooth finish to most wooden surfaces.

Really good things and in particular tools only get better when being used as you become more accustomed to working with them. A good plane like this will last for generations if taken good care of.

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