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Ida Lærke

Ida Lærke is a photographer and digital creative. She lives and works in Copenhagen.

When my mom was young when she found the silk shirt in a vintage store. After she purchased it she kept it in a drawer for years and gave it to me around the time I discovered vintage clothing.

Actually, I rarely use it. Maybe once or twice every year and always when the occasion is something special. The silk shirt represents quality and fragility at the same time because the material is so fine.

People think the silk shirt is very beautiful, I’m often asked about where and how I found it. My favourite part of the silk shirt is the beautiful lace on the front. It has a unique and quite historical feeling to it which definitely attracts attention.

I care for good things that last forever because I think it’s important to surround myself with great, handsome and timeless items. Things that function as a reference point in an age of permanent changes.

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