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Sacha Maric

Sacha Maric is a British photographer. He lives and works in New York City, USA.

It’s my first light meter, I bought it 15 years ago when I started shooting on medium format film. I couldn’t afford a top level one at the time, but this one has served me well and I still use it today whenever I’m shooting on film or digital, both in a studio or location. I use it to measure light so I can get an accurate exposure on pictures.

I haven’t repaired it, it’s been dropped a few times and has some scuff marks, but it still works. I have had a few people ask what it is. It’s not outdated, I think every photographer should own one. If this one broke or got lost I would buy a new one instantly.

Why is it important to have good things that last forever? I don’t know, is it? I have been wondering about that since I left all my possessions in Copenhagen and moving to New York. I miss none of my things.


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