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  • First produced in
  • Invented by
    Ole Kirk Christiansen
  • Number of copies
    More than 590 billion parts

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Mikael Colville-Andersen is CEO of Copenhagen Design Company. Originally from Canada, Mikael now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a man with a demonstrative un-relationship with objects, being asked to describe a useful thing is a difficult task. After much deliberation, I can only offer up thousands and thousands of individual useful things that count as one. With a collective weight of 17 kg. That’s how much LEGO we have in our home. My mid-70s stash rubbing itself amicably up against the LEGO accumulated by my kids in colour coded boxes.

I’m certainly not one of those LEGO geeks. I have merely discovered that LEGO is timeless. Every brick. Having kids using it all the time helps keep the bricks in the forefront of my mind, sure. But play is eternal and LEGO is an everpresent gateway drug to play.

Be it Helvetica letters, a well-used chess set or stripmining eBay in six countries to assemble a flock of LEGO cyclists in order to photograph a mini-fig version of the Copenhagen bicycle rush hour.

I have nostalgic items that I would be loath to lose in a fire. But the thought of losing the LEGO – having touched and used every single brick in the pursuit of design and creativity – truly makes me melancholy. Only one question haunts me. What happened in the production process to make all the blue pieces produced in the 70s and 80s so brittle?

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