007 Filippa Hallstensson's
Indian tailor scissor
  • Invented by
    The Roman Empire
  • First produced in
    1500 BC by Egyptians
  • Also used by
    Every decent tailor in the world

Filippa Hallstensson

Filippa Hallstensson is Head of Design for Gant Rugger. She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ever since I saw a seamstress use an Indian tailoring scissor many years ago I never stopped talking about how beautiful it was. Two years ago I got my own from the shirt supplier I work with. They could not possibly understand why I was so excited about a 30 year old scissor when I could just buy a brand new one, but the fact that this scissor has cut meters and meters of Indian madras fabric during the past 30 years makes it quite something special for me.

I would not be able to do my job without a scissor. I use it pretty much every day for cutting fabrics and garments, and last time I used it was an hour ago when I cut off my jeans. I like them short. I could use a different scissor, but this old beauty makes it all much more fun. I like that it’s sturdy and heavy, and I love the scratches. I’m a sucker for worn-out brass. It’s aged beautifully.

I might not use this scissor for cutting fabrics 30 years from now, but I’m certain I will use it forever. I’m quite nostalgic and by using good things that last forever I can be surrounded by memories and small stories in everyday objects.

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