011 Justin Chung's
Hasami Porcelain mug
  • Made from
    A custom blend of porcelain and clay
  • Designed by
    Takuhiro Shinomoto
  • Place of origin
    Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan

Justin Chung

Justin Chung is a photographer. He lives in Brooklyn, USA, and works all over the world.

I drink tea or coffee quite often and using my Hasami mug has become a part of my routine. I just love the simplicity in its design and craftsmanship. I am attracted to its simple lines and curves. The modular design of the mug makes it stackable, which is a huge advantage if you live in a small apartment. The root of the design comes down to functionality and I’m a huge fan of the utilitarian design behind Hasami Porcelain.

Looking back, I’ve always been into graphic design and layout of books and magazines. As a photographer I was always curious to learn how my photos looked in layouts. When I moved into my own apartment I wanted to see how my own life would look, so I sort of transformed everything I had admired from graphic design and photography into a physical space.

I don’t find myself materialistic but I appreciate well-made, well-crafted items. Good design means that you don’t need to rethink anything. The item serves a clear purpose and you can trust that the item will perform every time.

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