002 Andreas Tjeldflaat's
GradoLabs SR325 headphones
  • Place of origin
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Made from
    Powder-coated aluminium, genuine leather
  • First produced in

Andreas Tjeldflaat

Andreas Tjeldflaat is a Norwegian architect and product designer based in New York City.

The headphones were gifted to me by my former boss Ben Krone from Gradient Design. I had been drooling them for quite a while, and then the following Christmas they were at my desk. The reason I am so happy about the headphones is that they are simply a no-frills piece of equipment, producing an incredible sound. The headphones are hand-built here in Brooklyn by a family owned company with an attention to quality and durability that makes them – knock on wood – indestructible.

People rarely comment on them; they are not particularly flashy, so they duck the radar of most people, but every now and then people will compliment me about them. The thing I find most useful about the headphones is the excellent sound quality. With risk of sounding like a promotion: They have given me access to layers of music I did not even know existed.

My interest in well-designed things has been with me as long as I can remember. The importance of good design was probably hammered home to me during my days studying design in Copenhagen. Besides the greater good, sustainable benefits about having good things that last forever, there is something nice about having products that are with you for a long period of time. The value somehow increases over time as the thing delivers on its promise over and over again.

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