006 Kasper Bjørke's
Flag Halyard chair
  • Designed by
    Hans J. Wegner
  • First produced in
  • Made from
    Stainless steel, 240 meters of flag line, long haired sheepskin, fabric, brittle leather

Kasper Bjørke

Kasper Bjørke is a musician and producer. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been interested in architecture and design since I was a child. I remember visiting family members with contemporary furniture in their homes when I was a kid, wishing that one day I would be able to live with furniture like theirs. 15 years ago I started collecting vintage furniture, and as long as I remember I have been very drawn to the shape of the Flag Halyard chair and the early modernistic look of it. I found it 10 years ago here in Copenhagen and though it’s almost never for sale in used condition, I was lucky enough to get it at a really good price.

Honestly, I rarely sit in it. But when I do, I usually just relax and end up falling asleep. It’s almost like therapy. Wegner got the idea for how you are supposed to be seated in the chair during a beach holiday. With the chair, he tried to imitate the feeling of sitting in a sand dune. And it totally feels like it. I think the combination of the different materials and the shape that forms this cradle-like cozy place to cuddle up in is what makes it my favourite chair in the world.

In my home I like to surround myself with carefully selected objects that mean something to me and that make me happy when I look at them. Because furniture collecting is my hobby I do not see myself as a materialist in that sense and I don’t buy excessively. It’s more about adding a few good things to my collection once in a while. I also see it as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I hope the chair will stay in my family forever.

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