015 Fredrik Risvik's
Eames leg splint
  • Designed by
    Charles and Ray Eames
  • Made from
    Molded plywood
  • First produced in

Fredrik Risvik

Fredrik Risvik works for a menswear store. He lives in Stavanger, Norway.

I had been searching for the leg splint for about five years when I finally found it. Living in Norway these things don’t just pop up, so eBay is a great thing.

Most people don’t have a clue what this thing is and even after explaining what it is, they don’t seem to get why I would spend so much money on it. But to me, the leg splint is quite unique because it helped the Eameses understand how flexible a material plywood is and lead the way for all the molded plywood furniture Charles and Ray Eames are famous for today. The were given military technology and manufacturing facilities to perfect their technique for molding plywood which they had been working on for years. Had it not been for the leg splint, a lot of their chairs may not have seen the light of day.

The leg splint was ordered by the American army from Charles and Ray Eames during World War II. The army needed a lightweight, inexpensive leg splint to be used at the battlefield. My leg splint has only been used for decoration and was never in action. After the war ended, the leg splints got stashed away in the manufacturer Evans Products’ warehouse for about 50 years.

My interest in well-designed things started when I moved in for myself. I needed furniture for my apartment, and I already knew which pieces I would like. Instead of just buying whatever served its purpose, I would rather live without furniture for a while and then save up and buy the right stuff.

We tend to buy too much stuff we don’t really need, or stuff of poor quality that is not environmentally friendly. Buying good things that last is better for the environment and for creating stories with you as you move on through life.

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