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Common Projects canvas shoes
  • Made in
  • First manufactured in
  • Founded by
    Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami

Sean Hotchkiss

Sean Hotchkiss is a writer and creative consultant. He lives and works in New York City.

I bought this pair of canvas shoes in 2012. It was the second pair I’d bought from Common Projects at the time. Now I have probably 8-10 pairs. But I still wear these the most. Every day I’m surprised by how long they’ve lasted. They’re the most durable pair of sneakers I’ve ever owned. Although, I will say I usually take very good care of my things.

I really like worn-in, familiar clothing. Wearing a new pair of sneakers out of the box is not a fun experience for me. I’m always concerned about fucking them up. It just feels off.  I’ve worn these probably 1.000 times since buying them 3 years ago. They are familiar to me at this point, like family. They are so worn-in that I may as well be walking around barefoot every day, which is kind of this amazing little luxury. 

I’ve never seen anyone else with this particular style. They’re two tone, very light gray, with a herringbone pattern that has been rubbed down and is almost indistinguishable at this point. The gold serial numbers have also been completely rubbed off. I bleach them from time to time to keep them clean.

 I’d always loved the brand since I was first introduced to them while working at GQ. But on my paltry magazine salary I couldn’t afford them. Once I started making a bit more money I treated myself to a couple pairs. Today, I don’t wear other brands of non-workout sneakers. I am a Common Projects guy for life. 

I don’t think good things are important to everyone, but I like them. For me, it’s about having a few things that I enjoy using every day and bring me joy. And when something brings you joy it’s nice to know it’s well made and might last a while.

Everything dies, I suppose. Although when I do inevitably wear through one of the soles, I’m going to see if they’ll replace it for me. I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to throw them away. Someone else would have to do it. 

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