022 Kevin Kafesu's
Adjustable spanner
  • Invented by
    Mr. Brooks and his son
  • Patented in
  • Used for
    Bike repairs

Kevin Kafesu

Kevin Kafesu is from Birmingham, UK. He lives in Copenhagen and works for Norse Projects and Norse Store.

My interest in tools comes from my old man. He had a tool box and in this were all the things he needed to be the man of the house. To have a set of tools, especially the right ones, makes me feel more prepared. I once experienced getting my card stuck in a cash machine and fortunately for me, this kind Swiss gentleman on vacation had a Swiss knife at hand of which he pulled out the card for me. That is what I call preparation.

I find the simplicity of the tool and engraving quite nice. The choice of type is quite nice considering that the tool is very modern.

I got the tool a few months back, having bought in Brooks for Norse Store. I felt it was essential to invest in the more ‘gear and tools’ part of the brand offering, especially living in a bike city. But above all it was the story of the tool that got me. It was in 1909 that Mr. Brooks and his son filed Patent No. 7709 for an adjustable spanner in the form of a smarter, simpler solution than that of a box set of spanners because who caries a tool box when cycling? This tool I have is a slight improvement on the one Mr. Brooks and his son originally created.

Like it says on the tin, the tool is perfect for wheel adjustments and changing inner tubes. This doesn’t mean I experience punctures a lot, but it all comes back to the idea of preparation.

Having good things that last forever to me means money well invested, but I also enjoy the aging process. I quite enjoy rust, scratches staining and all other things that some may find offensive to the eye. These things tell the story of life.

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